About the artist

Larry Van Pelt
Niceville, Florida

Jesus in a life makes a difference!!

And that goes for a farm boy, career Air Force officer, fighter pilot, test pilot, engineer, manager, and now artist and "ardent grandfather."

It took me a long time to realize that simple truth. The influence of my teenage daughter, who spoke of Christianity as a "relationship," and other Christian friends, led me to the point where I accepted the challenge to receive Jesus into my life and acknowledge His power to change my life. I thank the Lord for the reconciliation His love brought into my family -- His love has knit our hearts together. Yes, Jesus in a life makes a difference -- and I could never praise Him enough for that difference.

Being a follower of Jesus entails realizing His presence in my life and being aware of His desire to influence my actions -- to ask "what would Jesus do?" during life's everyday moments/decisions. The "With you always" drawings attempt to visualize that presence.

Larry Van Pelt and his wife of 60+ years (Carolyn) live in Niceville, Florida. They have two daughters, one son, and 15 grandchildren.

For more information about this endeavor please view the video below.

Should you desire to contact Larry, he can be reached via e-mail by clicking: Larry Van Pelt